About Leeds Rhinos Netball

Leeds Rhinos Netball – The New Era Continues…

We are passionate about netball. Our number one aim is to inspire you to fulfil your netball potential and be the best.

As we celebrate our first birthday, following our launch in July 2018, we are delighted that England Netball has recognised the strength of our on and off court offer to athletes. Whilst we were not successful in securing a place in the Vitality Super-League for the 2019 season, England Netball have asked Leeds Rhinos Netball to deliver the pathway, which means that Leeds Rhinos Netball will be entering the National Performance League (NPL) competitions in 2019 and the pathway will transition from Yorkshire Netball from September 2018. Both ourselves and Yorkshire Netball have shown there is a wealth of sustainable talent in our region, with interest and participation across all ages and ability levels growing rapidly. We look forward to the Netball World Cup 2019 coming to the north, being hosted by Liverpool next spring. Excitement is building and Leeds Rhinos Netball is proud to be a part of it.

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Our aims are:

* Deliver high-quality performance and development opportunities for athletes

* Encourage additional netball activity within schools and the community

* Provide excellent customer service, communication, and partner relationships

* Bring top-level netball back to the region

Whilst the profile and participation for netball has grown massively since the Commonwealth Games Gold Medal in April 2018, Leeds Rhinos Netball has also seen increased engagement within its academies, hubs, camps and workshops.

Our priorities for 2018/19 are:

* Deliver U19 and U17 elite squads and training academies

* Deliver U13 and U15 training academies

* Work with schools to establish a range of hubs to provide localised training

* Complement existing provision by counties, districts and clubs

* Deliver mini netball in at least two locations

* Run a series of prestige positional workshops for various age ranges

* Run a series of camps, both performance and fun, in a range of locations

* Deliver education for performance coaches, and grow our coach workforce for participation in schools

* Support netball activity such as HiFive tournaments, taster days, and school tournaments with coaches or athletes

* Work with the volunteer community for officiating, events, and team management

* Work with partners to secure a suitable match night facility

* Submit a strong application for Super-League entry in 2020 and bring top-level netball back to Yorkshire

* Provide excellent customer service, communication, and partner relationships

* Embed Leeds Rhinos Netball within the Club and the Foundation

* Add value to Leeds Rhinos and the Foundation through the UK’s most popular female sport

For more information about how Leeds Rhinos Netball will work in practice, please read our Frequently Asked Questions